Boost Operational Performance with Automated Smart Solutions

Our easy-to-use system can integrate with your HVAC, POS systems, and even the lighting to create the right ambiance for your patrons. Climate control and perfect lighting can mean the difference between repeat visitors or a For Sale sign on the door. The READY.ONE System can stream operational functions like heating, cooling, lighting and point-of-sale devices to avoid risks like theft and to increase profits by cutting your energy costs. Automation inaccuracies through data analytics can mean the difference between Happy Hour on Thursday or adding a Brunch menu for Saturday and Sunday. See where your data can take you with READY.ONE.

Decrease energy use every day, every hour, every minute all year long.

Your restaurant or Bar is unique to you and to your patrons. Don’t disappoint with a dining experience that is too dark or too cool. Ambient lighting and a comfortable climate entice people to stay longer and spend more. Building automation for restaurants and bars can point out high energy use and avoid peak times for operational efficiency. Data analytics can initiate alerts to floods or notifications of pending downtime due to weather. With a demo, you can find out just how much we can save your business today.


Appliances that don’t function properly can take a bite from your profits. With READY.ONE solution, auditing your operations becomes a simple task to monitor with any smartphone or tablet. Remembering to maintain your restaurant equipment shouldn’t be a chore, but we can help. Alerts and notifications on failing equipment or appliances help you maintain a restaurant or bar the keeps patrons coming back.

READY.ONE Installation Partners At Your Service

At READY.ONE, our installation automation team consists of certified technical installers across the United States. With their help, we can ensure your installation is a success, maintenance a breeze and support available to you 24/7 and when you need it most.

Want to find out how we can save you money by streamlining your operations with automation? Email us at and one of our qualified specialists will contact you at your convenience.