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Two years ago, I spent $200k for a Building Automation System from an industry leader. Why do I need you?

Your current building automation system does one thing and one thing only: automate.

In other words, it can set the system to shut off and on at specific times of the day, and it may even be able to schedule your entire building’s equipment with the change of the seasons.

Perhaps, your current building management system only automates the elevator or air conditioning, heating and lighting, but what it may not tell you is how much energy it uses. It may not alert you to peak demand times so that you can schedule your building’s automation system to run accordingly, saving you money.

What READY.ONE does, and does well, is accurately track energy usage specific to the equipment, sensors, devices and switches involved so that you can strategize future costs, maintenance and alerts according to specific requirements. We integrate a superior Artificial Intelligence (AI) with your current automation system’s API to accurately identify usage, such as outside lights illuminating as the sun sets or as people leave work inside lights are dimmed and security systems initiated.

With your existing automation system’s API connected to our platform, READY.ONE monitors energy usage and data for in-depth analysis and insight into current trends to predict and streamline future expenses.

When I bought my system from one of the industry leaders, they gave me two dedicated people to keep my system fine tuned. So, I already have what you say you can do for me. Why do I need you?

Technicians and their interaction with all equipment and sensors are difficult to monitor around the clock, day in and day out, all year long, whereas with READY.ONE’s platform additional labor is never required.  Our platform can be scheduled, updated and automated so no one needs to watch your building automation system 24/7/365.

My engineer says we already do all that stuff (at least that is what he was sold/told). How is what you do different? What does your system do that my people are not already doing?

Advanced technology can make your building equipment work smarter saving you money. Many buildings already have devices and equipment but no platform to monitor their network.  With these buildings, you’re not adding devices but a platform that oversees the entire network of equipment from HVAC to every motion sensor within the building from a tablet or smartphone.

With a READY.ONE platform, multiple building sites with different sensors and controls from various vendors are never a problem. With our sophisticated AI, we can merge multiple vendor platforms onto one dashboard simplifying processes for automation, energy levels and equipment maintenance.

Antiquated buildings or warehouses may not need sophisticated intelligence to monitor their equipment and energy usage. Some warehouses have few workers, yet need alerts and notifications for managing their heating, cooling, lighting and security. If the last worker to leave for the day forgets to drop the air conditioning to a lower temperature the READY.ONE platform is automated to drop to the required comfort level saving you energy and lowering your costs.

This looks like one of those dashboards, which are really all the same; aren't they? How is yours different?

Not all advanced building automation systems work with every type of device and its network.  But READY.ONE’s platform connects seamlessly with any device regardless of vendor, because of its advanced artificial intelligence it makes every piece of equipment in the building work smarter, not harder, to save you money.

You are the third vendor this week who promises that I will save 30% on my electricity bill. My friend Bill over at Mega Real Estate told me he bought one of these systems and he is only saving 5% but he is not really sure. What assurance can you give me as to my savings?

We will provide real time verifiable data that shows the building’s energy expenses even before the invoice arrives.  In those cases, you can request a rebate from your utility company.  With our platform, you can also see the energy usage across all devices and equipment 24/7/365. Because we use real-time data we can monitor, analyze and tweak your energy consumption in real time and show actual results.

My company is very serious about security. Recently, a major retailer's customer data was compromised. The hackers gained access through their HVAC system. I can't afford to get hacked - I don't want to lose my job.

Access to your devices is via an isolated private network and not accessible from the Internet. A micro-powered modem with a specified SIM card is installed in our building automation system to extract data from your private network to our secured network.  There is never an internet connection to your devices or the READY.ONE platform.

My IT department will not allow anyone access to our systems. What do I do about that?

There is no need to get your IT department involved since your network is an entirely separate network.  We never need to integrate with your IT department.

I have a service contract with my electrician who handles all of my equipment. What you are telling me about this new HVAC monitoring systems seems to be a conflict to my service contract. Can you help me understand?

Our platform is a preventive maintenance system that sends alerts when issues arrive with your HVAC, lighting systems, security, controls and sensors. With READY.ONE, longer longevity with your building’s equipment and devices can save you money.  It will notify you when something is wrong with your system so that you can schedule a service technician to come out when it’s needed and not stipulated by a contract.

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